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Here you go Errol!

It may look a bit complicated at the first glance, - but it's simple assuming that you anyway mix 0.Xgr/Liter to get your mix. Have a look at it first and tell me if you need supplementary explanations, perhaps different variations, concentrations or mixes (higher total PPM, higher N-content), etc.

PS: to complement Ca up to 180 PPM standard (only in case your tap water is soft and has little Ca, otherwise it may provide 25-50 or more PPM of Ca already): Calcium Chloride - CaCl (ferilizer grade) gives at 0.1gr/liter 28 PPM of Ca - BUT also 64 PPM chloride (1gr/l = 280/640). To be used moderately anyway - especially if your tap water is already rich in chloridel!

Important: NEVER mix calcium nitrate or calcium chloride (salt or concentrate) with magnesium sulphate or Hydrosol (salt or concentrate)!!! It will lead to a chemical reaction and make the whole batch unusable. In case you want to mix concentrate, make two components: A: calcium nitrate + calcium chloride and B: Hydrosol + Magnesium Sulphate. If sufficiently diluted with water as in the nutrient solution, there is no problem at all.

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