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Hi Luches, thanks for doing your calcs so quickly. If I'm reading them correctly, it seems that you think the mix could certainly do with some magnesium sulphate - and that the concentration should be 7gms/litre Hydrosol, 7gm/litre calcium nitrate, 4gms/litre MgSO4 and possibly 1 gm/litre of calcium chloride? Am I close or on the wrong tram altogether? Our tap water is soft and not heavily chlorinated, by the way.

Wouldn't that imply that aside from adding a sizeable amount of MgSO4 and a little CaCl2 to my nutrient, I would keep on doing what I am now ie using equal quantities of Hydrosol and calcium nitrate?

This would be at odds with my thinking at the moment ie that the level of N in the 50/50 mix is possibly too high, causing too much vegetative growth.

What are your thoughts on mixes referred to in the following link?


Many thanks again for your efforts and interest.


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