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Next step...

1. Decimal problem solved. Actually my spreadsheet (MS) uses comma to express decimals, that's why I tend to use it too. But true, european practice is right too.

Originally Posted by Errol View Post
Actually I work off the EC reading. I toss in enough Hydrosol and calcium nitrate to get a reading of about 2.0. I have two 160 litre tanks (connected) and I make sure I introduce the Hydrosol and calcium nitrate at opposite ends of the tank to make sure there's no harmful chemical reaction. But with some MGSO4 and calcium chloride in the mix as well, that would mean the salt level would actually produce an EC reading of 2.0 with a lower quantity of calcium nitrate and therefore a lower nitrogen content? This would mean less vegetative growth and could solve the problem?
Yes, adding more components will obviously lower the Nitrogen content with the same EC reading. And, your primary logic behind the way you proceed is right too. But....

Originally Posted by Errol View Post
As I read your New Mix 2 formula, it already contains 151.2ppm of N, so the mix you suggest of 0.7gs/l should work well with my non-leafy plants?
Yes, except that the "New mix 2 formula" I gave you will not total 2.0 EC, but less. Even with the new ingredients, with 2.0 you'll probably end up with more than 150 PPM of Nitrogen. We have 2 ways of getting to finalize it here: 1. I'll calculate and tell you the almost exact EC needed to realize "New mix 2 formula" with the PPM content as shown, or I'll explain you why actual PPM of a formula and a EC reading are not the same cup of tea. You tell me!

Another even simpler way to get to this formula will be to weight of 210 gram of calcium nitrate, 210 gram of Hydrosol, 120 gram of magnesium sulfate, and 40 gram of CaCl. And do what you did with your tanks before, except that you fill in exactly 150 liter in each.

Originally Posted by Errol View Post
I think you are gradually getting me very close to a solution here, Luches, complex formulae or not! Thanks for your patience.
I truly hope so, and don't worry - it took me some 2 years to see the whole plot behind formulas.

PS: you next post just dropped in now - will get back to it soon.

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