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Default Finally...

Here's the final proposal:
According to your "plan A" (slightly more CaCl)

8 parts Hydrosol (to get the K up a bit)
4 parts MgSO47H2O
7 parts calcium nitrate
1.5 parts calcium chloride

A. Hydrosol + MgSO47H2O
B. calcium nitrate + calcium chloride

In terms of PPM it looks like follows:

To end up with exactly this formula and actual PPM of each element, you need to add EQUALLY as much of A. and B. until you reach EC 1.8(4). Though you can anticipate what it will look like if you go with EC 2.0.

I have calculated (most accurately) what you have had previously, when mixing equal parts of Hydrosol and calcium nitrate until you reach EC 2.0:

PS: The maths and formulas behind the later scene are part of my professional secret, though. Yet, I can tell that I had to completely decompose Hydrosol into its basic components (they're actually kinda obvious regarding the formula). One has also to know the actual electrical conductivity of each single component, even of those that are used to manufacture Hydrosol.

I guess you can go solo from here... but in case you have further questions, do not hesitate to rattle my bamboo cage!


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