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Still, the basic EC of 2.0 seems quite high to me, in general (for general purpose feeding)
I have a list of recommended ECs from my local hydroponic supplier which I've been using ie

Bean 2.0-4.0
Beetroot 1.8-5.0
Capsicum 1.8-2.2
Carrots 1.6-2.0
Cucumber 1.7-2.5
Leek 1.4-1.8
Strawberries 1.8-2.2
Tomatoes 2.0-5.0

They certainly vary, and that's the dilemma one has in trying to grow a number of crops in the one nutrient, of course. The supplier told me tomatoes should have a minimum EC of 3.0 if they were to have any taste, otherwise they'd be watery and tasteless. But I think he might know more about marijuana (that's what most of his customers grow!) - my tomatoes have always been quite tasty at 2.0.

The recommended pH for most of the plants I grow is closer to 6.0-6.5 than the 7.0 I usually run, so maybe I'd better get that down too.

Just one last thing before I leave you in peace, Luches, should there be a couple of formulae towards the end of your post that might not have copied in properly?

I'm from Hobart, Tasmania actually - where the temp is 10.8 at the moment (6.20pm). A bit cooler than your home territory I imagine. My wife and I have just returned from 8 days in Singapore where our daughter and family live. 30-32 degrees and sticky most of the time, hard to get used to.


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