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Hi Luches,

I STRONGLY recommend to get and keep PH between 6 and 6.5, otherwise you will run into iron deficiency, followed by (over 7) boron, coper zinc!

Just wait the PH reading of your new formula, it actually should get you a lower PH (at least somewhat).
You're spot on. The reading at 1.8 is now about 6.3. I've added MgSO4. by the way, but not the calcium chloride for the moment because it's only available in very large bags at a very high price.

I also came to an interesting realisation - when I first started out in hydroponics, my local supplier simply told me to use Hydrosol and calcium nitrate '50/50' which I took to mean equal quantities. But your formula is based on equal weight, and there's a difference. The calcium nitrate I use is 11% heavier than Hydrosol, which means a 10% reduction in it (using a weight-based mix) for starters.

Factoring this into your formula, I think my plants will be getting 35%-40% less N this year. I'll be keen to see the results.

Thanks again for your tremendous help.


PS I've uploaded a few photos to an album if you're interested in having a look at my setup.
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