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Hello smokestn13,
No I cant say I'm familiar with the PPM meter you have. I can tell you that in all the years I have been growing hydroponically, I haven't bothered with EC, TDS, or PPM meters. I can also tell you if I did want to, I would prefer to use a EC meter rather than a TDS or PPM meter. But unless it specifies that it does both testing pH and what other (EC, TDS, PPM) measurements you want, it only does what the directions says it does.

Some electronic meters are combination meters, but if it were you would know it. I use General hydroponics pH drops to test pH. Regardless of what the guy at the hydro shop tells you, the drops are consistently more accurate than any meter, don't need special care or calibration, wont give false results, and you can get them just about anywhere for between $6 and $8. They will last you for well over 6 months if you use them right. The EC, TDS, PPM meters cant tell me the only thing I want to know, what the levels of each individual element is. They can only tell you the total amount of them all added up. Leaving you to guess what the individual levels are. I can guess without a meter. It's simpler to just make sure your nutrient solution is balanced. And if you fallow the manufactures directions as a guide, you can easily judge the relative (total) strength withough't a electronic meter.
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