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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
First, why would you want or need them if your running a NFT system? Injectors/dosers are used in non-recirculating systems. Are you planing to run your NFT system as a non-recirculating system?
Thanks for the response.

It will be a circulating system but running from a reservoir with a computer controlled nutritient, pH and EC management. I won't be able to maintain a good crop without 24/7 control of that. What I want is to use several different chains with different crops and in the beginning preferably one controller for all chains. I know one from Agro that does it but if it is too expensive I will probably go with one like Bluelab for each chain. I am mostly concerned about theft before I can maintain good security.

Second, even if your using a Injectors/dosers, you could install it before a manifold that splits the water line into as many lines as you need.
I understand all that, but I don't want the same nutritients and EC in all chains and I don't want to disconnect one while I prepare the second or the third. That is why it needs to be "multitasking".
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