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First, Injectors aren't intended to be used in recirculating systems. Their intended to inject a concentrated nutrient into a flow of fresh water only. That creates a nutrient solution and eliminates the need for a large reservoir of circulating nutrient solution.

The problem with collecting that water in a reservoir, and recirculating it again through the injectors is the nutrient strength will continually go up and up into toxic levels quickly. How do you plan to solve this problem?

If you want to grow multiple crops, with different nutrient needs, you'll need multiple reservoirs. The problem with using one reservoir and injecting different nutrients or levels into the nutrient solution in the line to different crops and recirculating it back to a central reservoir is all the different nutrients and/or levels will mix together. Not only does that defeat your purpose of separate nutrient levels, but it still has the issue of the nutrient strength continually going up and up into toxic each time the nutrient solution passes through the injectors.
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