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I didn't think so, now that explains a lot. It's great that you have different degrees, and studied different things etc.. And I'm not saying that automation shouldn't be used. But you need to know where and how to do it best. And there are so many things that you simply need to learn by doing that you will never get from a book. You need to learn that first in order to learn the best way/s you can automate/streamline your production.

You have a big learning curve ahead, if you spend the time and money now to try and reinvent the wheel before you even know how the car works, you'll be wasting both your time and money. Set your plans on hold for at least a year while you grow some plants and get that much needed first hand experience, and in all 4 seasons. If you choose not to, at least get some advice and help from a well established local company that specializes in helping hydroponic farmers grow their crops.
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