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Thanks a lot for taking out the time to reply - cannot thank u enough! fully understand the effort it takes to take time out of your busy schedule to respond to something which is mere basic for you. Appreciate it

Answers below in colour

1. You told me what nutrients you were using but didn't provide a link to them. I did do a quick search for them but can't be sure if what I found is what you are using. I see a link in the picture, but you cant click on or copy and paste a link in image. Also I need to know the mixing instructions and need to know how your mixing them. The nutrient is from Radon Grow (am attaching a picture --- it doesn't even have a label ; well it is for a lack of better choice i guess ; wish could buy the North american brands here)...

LEAFY AB2L = 250 Litre full strength solution for Recirculating system and 500 litre full strength solution for non circulating system for 1L each of A & B

Would you recommend as i suggested to make nutrients yourself?

2. You said you used pH solution, but that can be anything. What I'm looking for is if your pH adjusters are designed specifically for hydroponically grown plants and not soil grown plants, pool pH adjusters, or any household products. added pic - again local producyt

3. I also son't see any pictures of the roots and of inside the containers. Added here

4. I also don't know what your water level is in the DWC container from the pictures you provided. added pic

5. am also planning to add probably an AC to control the temp. do not have any other way to control air temps in India

I think you said you were using coco fiber to germinate the seeds, then trans planted them into the clay pellets. First question I have is why are you doing that in the first place. Second is how are you doing that? Are you transplanting the seedlings and coco into the baskets, then adding the clay balls on top. Or are you taking them out of the coco and transplanting bare roots into the clay balls.

am trying both - reason being for lack of better info i guess ; reason being was afraid of support and coco disintegration and its impact on the solution so added some hydroton as base; was trying before with rockwool germination and then suggestions to transplant to hydroton (which now as you suggested is wrong - will not transplant to avoid shock)

Lastly you said you have three 28 watt cfl's. That space your trying to grow in looks to be about 4 feet long by 2 feet wide, and you have a total of 84 watts of florescent lighting. That's not going to be enough light to cover that much space. To get good growth you'll need more like 192-216 watts of light to cover a 4 foot by 2 foot space. The space is more 4 x 1 ft but am adding an additional 28W light to increase the light

I surely wish I could come to your site and learn something from u...
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