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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
I haven't looked at all your posts yet (it's a long thread), but did you know you can post up to 20 pictures in each post without making it a mile long?

When creating the post scroll down to about the middle of the page, and in the "Additional Options" section just click on the "manage attachments" button. Then just click on the browse button to attach the pictures. It shows five openings at a time. Attach the first five, then the second five once the first five have uploaded, and so on until you reach the limit of 20 pictures. They become thumbnail images at the bottom of your post, but when clicked on they expand to the full size picture. That keeps the page/s from being a mile long. Not to mention much easier to navigate the different pictures.

Actually I like the larger pics it's a pain to have to click on every photo to see them
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