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Well I clipped the tops off all my tomato plants so it wont grow any taller. They are 7 ft high now and filled with tomatoes, some full grown on the bottoms and new ones forming on top. The beefsteak tomatoes are really big and the cherry tomato plants are loaded with tomatoes. Spanish peppers are doing real good and the Everbearing strawberry plants are constantly giving me good sweet strawberries ever few days. My lettuce plant has finished growing but it's now flowering at the tips so I'll have tons of seeds for next year.

This is now 2 years in a row I have gotten an incredible amount of very big tomatoes growing in heat of 90+degrees during the day. The coolers I have used has worked very well with keeping the reservoir temps. On very hot days I usually put 2 or more frozen bottles of ice water to keep it cool for the full day.

Here's some updated pictures.
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