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Default Ebb and Flow question

Hi guys, I am a newbie, have done a little bit with DWC but was looking to possibly expand my garden to an ebb and flow system, bunch of lettuce, spinach, peppers, etc. My question is I have seen most ebb and flow systems with either the table filled with hydroton and rockwool directly in that media or larger net pots filled with media sitting directly on the table. What I was thinking of doing was getting a covered/lidded tray, and using much 2" net pots suspended via holes in the lid. No media underneath, just table. To me this makes a lot of sense, it allows the roots to have plenty of air, because it's covered, there should be plenty of moisture retained as humidity. My flood cycles would actually be fairly often as well, since there won't be any medium. It almost strikes me as a hybrid between nutrient film and a flood and drain. My question is, will this work? Is there a reason I haven't seen this done much? Thanks In advance all.

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