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If you can find a used (cheep) aquarium chiller that could defiantly be a possibility. The new aquarium chillers that I found on-line last summer started at around $300 (if I remember correctly), and were only designed for 15 gallons, they just went up in price from there. I have no experience using them so I wouldn't be able to tell how well they work outside in temperatures like the 120 degree days we have here. I image a rooftop or terrace could reach that temp as well.

P.S. I designed a cooling box a while back that will help keep the heat from the reservoir. It's basically just a large ice chest. I have yet to build it, but plan to hopefully this summer. I attached some pictures, but I have complete directions in a pdf file. I designed it for two 32 gallon trash cans for reservoirs, but it can be built to any shape or size. The inside needs to be kept cool, I can think of a few ways to do that, including an aquarium chiller. It may give you some ideas.
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