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That actually sounds like good news to me, because if that's the case a simple water filtration system should take care of it. And that the fungus growth you had before isn't coming back after all. Also if the coloring in the growing medium is precipitate particles I wouldn't start new seeds either. The precipitate particles wont be able to be absorbed by the plants roots anyway, and even if they were it would only be around a small portion of the root mass as the plants grow.

The fallout (precipitate) does however change the composition of your nutrient solution. Because as the mineral salts bond and solidify, they become "unusable" to the plants. So to keep your nutrient solution balanced you'll want to filter the extra mineral elements out before using it to make your nutrient solution.

Good job finding out what the discoloration is. Most of the time the precipitate is white (from bonding with calcium), but other minerals precipitate as well. And considering the past problem, I never thought to ask if it was giving off a bad smell or not (I just assumed it was reaccuring), and just never accrued to me that it could be a precipitate.
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