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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Hello Gjn,
Glad you were able to post in the forum.
Yes, it took a while but I'm happy to be here!

1. Is 5 gallons your total water volume for the system?
2. What is the water level in the tubes?
3. Is the water running 24/7, or on a timer?
5 gallons is the total volume. I made it so that I can adjust the water level in the tubes if need be. The current level is minimal, maybe 1/2 inch? The system drips water into rock wool cubes that are supported in net pots by grow rocks 24/7

1. Do you have a link to the nutrients your using? I'm not familiar with that brand.
2. How often do you do a complete nutrient change?
The links are David's Grow and David's Base

I dont know of any others, so I'm open to recommendations.
I had been doing a total change about every 2-3 weeks. I read that a full water change doesnt need to happen. I'm using reverse osmosis water.

About 1/2 gallon evaporates and I replace that. I add about 2 TB of each nutrient every week (that's about 1/2 of a 4 gallon dose). I have an air stone in the 5 gallon bucket to keep the water oxygenated.

What is the air temps (day and night)?
I'll have to check, but I would anticipate maybe 71 day/ 67 night. Water temp is around 68-70 around the clock

Order of importance:
1. Water temp
1. Light
1. Fertilizer
Ah light. I'm concerned about that. I used to have a reef aquarium. Had 2 600 watt halides. They gave a ton of light and quite a bit of heat. At one point I was running them 12 hours each day. That is until I saw the electric bill!
I'm open to suggestions. I'm just starting. Each tube is about 18 inches lower than the previous and there are currently 3 tubes.

My gut is telling me that my problem is light, but I dont necessarily want to use 600 - 1200 watts 12 hours a day.

In your opinion (and anyone else reading), what is the best light and the most economical?

I'm extremely open to suggestions using the current lean-to

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