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Originally Posted by doni49 View Post
I've been looking at the systems available in the store on this site. And I'm wondering if there's something available for my needs. One that looks interesting is 4 Unit drip system.

I want to start out with tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and some herbs. Can this system or one like it be used (or easily adapted) for this? I'm guessing that the baskets wouldn't be large/strong enough for a tomato plant.

First I would say growing tomato's, peppers, cucumbers and herbs in the same system probably wont do very well because of the pH requirements. I don't know what herbs you were thinking of but;

cucumbers pH 5.5
tomato's pH 6.0-6.5
peppers pH 5.8-6.3

I understand pH levels for a particular plant can also vary depending on it's environment. The tomatoes and peppers might do fine together. I have not grown tomatoes hydroponically but I have grown them a lot, and I have never grown cucumbers. The tomatoes will get quite big given the right environment and you will need to build a trellis to support them. I would think a 4 drip container system like that would not be the best way to go for growing tomatoes, even if the weight of the root system didn't pose problems. Also when the plants get bugger it will be harder and harder to get to the nutrients to change them and clean it out between changes as well as checking pH daily.

It would probably do well for herbs that don't get to large. The roots will drop down through the baskets but you would need to get the top off the container and set it aside to clean it out and to replace the nutrients every week or two. As for the peppers it looks like the spacing might be OK between plants but you may need to build a trellis if they get large enough because they may get top heavy. That would make it hard to change out the nutrients also.

I don't know what space you have to grow in nor what type of lighting you plan to use but there are many ways to build a system for whatever you are growing. And if you feel comfortable building your own systems I think would be the best way for to go in the long run. That 4 drip system is not bad at $51, but I don't think it will serve you well for all you want to do.
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