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Well Greenhouse or not, there are two parts to the plants, the roots, and the foliage (leaves). Both parts have there own temp requirements. The root system should be kept to 65-72 degrees for best results for any plant. The heat tolerance for your plants is best determined by the type of plant you are wanting to grow, and talking to local nursery about what grows well there. You can keep the greenhouse at the perfect temp for the foliage, but that wont help the root system (unless it's a cold weather plant). Bottom line, if the root zone is in the perfect range, but the heat (and/or humidity in Florida) of the foliage is not, you probably wont have much success. If one is out of range that is bad enough, but if both are out of range, well that just makes it even worse.

P.S. Swamp coolers add humidity, and/or need fresh hot air to work, or the humidity just builds up in an enclosed area (I sold mine for that very reason).
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