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Default Help on zucchini, & squash

I'm really in need of some help on this one Guys. I have been living here in Florida now for three years and have not been successful at all like I was in the north with gardening. I have always for the most part had a green thumb. Until My success with hydroponics, it has been phenomenal accept for zucchini, & squash.
They have been looking for the most part really nice accept that they will not set fruit. Lots of blossoms but no fruit. And when I do get fruit it acts the same way as it did when I was growing in soil and that is, that when they get to be about an inch long they develop a type of rot on the end.
I just can't figure out what to do to prevent this rott from happening and to get more fruit from the dozens of blossoms that I have.
My tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, strawberries, peppers sweet, peppers hot, beets, carrots, are doing exceptionally well except for the squash and zucchini.
The leaves are a nice and green and at times some of the bottom leaves do get yellow and get browned and curly but that's only about 5% of the plant. All my plants are growing and cocoa coir and being hand watered every day.
If there is anything at all that you can help me with let me know

Thank you so much

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