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Default Getting’ bugged, update on grow and questions on high pressure system

Hey Stan, I’ve recently experienced a bug problem (see pic). However these do not look like the Stink bugs I had last year – those were black with large flat feet, these appear orange and almost ant like. I was able to kill an entire group on one tomato with an old rag and haven’t seen anymore since, but I’m sure others will show up. Any idea what they are and what to do about them?

On the “status” of my grow, the tomatoes continue to produce profusely – especially the cherries. I simply cannot believe the water/nutrient consumption. As of the 4/28 it’s 568 gallons. Each “re-fill” now is between 35 and 40 gallons, so I’m alternating nutrients, i.e. one time straight water, next time nutrients at 100%, always balancing PH after either fill. I’m almost out of nutrients (the twin pack, 2 bags each chemical) and will have to re-order in the next few days. I’ve checked and rechecked for leaks – none – Unbelievable!

Lastly, I’m interested in your high pressure set up. What PSI pump will you need for that? And will the sprayers / nozzles be special /different from those used in a typical aeroponic system like my rails? Will this actually be a “misting” technique? I’m disappointed in my rail system and want to replace it this fall. Please keep me (and this blog) posted on your progress and share your design plans.

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