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I have no idea what type of bugs those are. You should try to find out from a nearby garden center. Once you know what they are find out what type of natural scents keep them away.

With your rail are you using sprayers or are you just running water from top and letting it run down to bottom?

I know how you feel about the amount of water needed for these grows. I know the plants are definitely not consuming all that water. I feel most of it is due to evaporation especially during the hotter months which is usually when the tomatoes ripen. In any case its a crazy amount of water.

As for my HP grow I use an aquatec pump. Then you need an accumulator tank with all these attached 2 water pressure gauges, pressure relief valve, HP Solenoid, pressure regulator, 2 shut off valves and 2 very fine particle filters. They are all needed cause an accumulator tank can become a bomb if it gets filled above the highest pressure rating. Once you have all hooked up to the accumulator tank then you need HP tubing, connectors and misters.

I only attach the pump to the inline when the accumulator tank gets low on nutrient water. Once I fill it I disconnect it from the inline. The bigger the accumulator tank the more days the system will run on its own before needing to be refilled. You could also just run the pump but you will only be able to use a couple misters whereas with accumulator tank I can run a lot more than what I need.

The other thing you would not be able to use misters in a rail system. The roots with HP misters become massive it would clog the rail up. I am going to attempt growing tomato plants from 5 gallon buckets. I have a feeling the buckets won't be big enough. I might have to transfer them to big 40 - 60 gallon totes.

All nutrient water that is sprayed on the roots will run off to waste.
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