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Hello Jack,
The link to the General Hydroponics nutrients in the "cost effective nutrients list" is specif to the "Maxi Gro" series of nutrients. It's even says so in the link. I never said anything about the flora nova product and have never used it either. I do understand it's thick like syrup though.

Just because there is a link to one General Hydroponics nutrient doesn't mean that everything general hydroponics sells is "Cost Effective." That's why I mentioned the maxi series nutrients specifically, and the link is to the exact product. While on the higher end of the spectrum, when broken down the maxi series nutrients generally cost between 10 and 15 cents per gallon of full strength nutrient solution. They don't state exactly how much the 2.2 lb package makes, but I have measured it out and done the math to find out. I have the numbers written down somewhere, but don't remember off the top of my head exactly. If your really interested in them I'll look for the numbers sheet so I can tell you correctly.

As for specific recommendations, I can't give specific recommendations that fit every situation. Plants are different, that's why nutrient manufactures make different formulas. I can only give specific recommendations when I have specific information about the type of plants your growing and your goals. I did just that when you gave me the the specifics of the plants your growing and asked for a recommendation. I don't understand what you mean by "beginner level" because every nutrient can be used by beginners. As long as you can mix water and do a little rudimentary math to calculate the amount you need to use for the specific water volume of your reservoir, all nutrients are beginner level.

The point of the cost effective nutrient list isn't to recommend one specific product. It's to provide options. Options that are cost effective. Not every nutrient manufacture has the exact same price scale. Their all different. If I narrowed the list to just manufactures that had nutrients that cost under 5 cents per gallon there would be only two options on the list and you would have to buy 25 lb quantities. That doesn't mean there are only two that exist, just that I know of right now. Many people don't want to buy that much, especially when their just getting started, and have never used those nutrients before. That's one reason there are other options on the list.

The second reason is many people don't want to order products online. They may not want to pay for shipping. Or they may be out of nutrients and need them right away and can't wait a week or two for it to arrive. So they want options they may be able to find in their local hydroponics shop too.

The third reason is because manufactures change. They change their product lines, they change their pricing, they sometimes even discontinue products or go out of business. If I narrowed the list to just one or two options, and they discontinued those particular products or go out of business, then there are no options at all.

The whole point of the cost effective nutrients list is to provide as many cost effective options as I can. In order to be considered cost effective I have to have a cut off point. That cut off point is 15 cents per gallon of full strength nutrient solution. Even that isn't exact because not all retailers sell the products for the same exact price. So I have to look around to see what the average cost is for the product. Some like verti gro don't sell their products through retailers, they sell it direct, and some may sell direct as well as on their own website. If they sell direct and/or on their own websites I use their websites pricing. But others like General Hydroponics don't sell direct, they sell through retailers, so those I have to look around to find out what retailers are selling it for and average it. So the cost per gallon may vary depending on where you get it from and if you have to pay for shipping.

It's no doubt that there are nutrients that are more cost effective than others, but it's up to you to decide what fits your situation and needs the best. If someone wants specific recommendations their welcomed to contact me and let me know what their growing as well as their situation, and I'll be happy to make recommendations. But I can only give specific recommendations on specific information.
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