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While I like your enthusiasm, I'm from Missouri (not really!) and it takes a 2x4 whack upside the head sometimes for me to "get past the numbers", LoL.

Example. I sent my heat transfer problem to TE Technology, those guys who make those really nice Peltier cooling plates, etc. Here is the reply I got back:

The Peltier cooler would need to remove approximately 8 kW of heat in order to cool the water from 100 F to 70 F at 100 gph in a single pass through the cooler. Peltier coolers are generally best used in applications where the heat load is less than 200 W. Your application really requires a compressor system.


Paul Lau
Engineering & Sales
TE Technology, Inc. | 1590 Keane Dr. | Traverse City, MI 49696-8257
TEL: 231-929-3966 ext. 107 | FAX: 231-929-4163 | WEB: Home TE Tech Products

Now I realize this is worse case; no insulation, realtime flow cooling, not a reservoir application, etc. But it does confirm my guess that the heat load is severe, as these numbers are "real" as far as current conditions.

I know you "know what will work" despite the numbers, but do you really believe your approach, using only 100W can withdraw 8KW of heat?

And you are right I was not clear on your "reverse swamp cooler", and still am not. But until I can get a heck of a lot more insulation on the buckets, lines and reservoir, I am not going to do anything else about the cooling.

Perhaps when I get a better insulated system and larger reservoir, I can get with you on details of your idea. I certainly am a proponent of DIY and simple solutions over complicated ones, but I also don't like to jump into projects that may be just a stab in the dark.

I did communicate with you via your website back around the first of the year and you were very helpful and quick to reply to my query, tho I have forgotten what it was about other than a drip bucket system setup issue.

You do have a ton of helpful info there and I hope people appreciate your efforts!

[Edit] I don't have any way to go with the geothermal approach, unfortunately. I am very limited on what I can do as far as the rental property is concerned. The hot patio cement area is it...


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