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Hello QuietBen,
Ya, they should work great if you can get them cheap enough. You would still need to make sure the water temp was cool to begin with though. If the water was warm, then the cooler wold just be holding in the heat. for me I cant get any of those second hand, and they would cost a fortune new. But I have used some small ice chests I found in the trash on trash day. They through them away because the lid wouldn't fit because the top was split and bent in. But I just used some Styrofoam I had lying around to make a lid. Cut holes in the top for the cups and used it as a small water culture system. I filled some small plastic cups with water and froze them for ice, then added a couple to it a day and the water stayed nice and cold all day, even though I had it sitting in direct sunlight all day. The plants in the pictures are tomatillo's I was starting for a friend.
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