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Default Drip irrigation tomato system flow amount question

I just got my 2 plant tomato drip system running yesterday, and I am not sure if they are getting enough solution, here is my setup, I am using a 30 gal bin as my reservoir and have the tomato plants in net baskets with hydroton expanded clay rocks, I also have a pump (can't remember gph number) in the bin with 1/2" black tubing going to the plants. I am using 3/16" (or 1/8") tubing off the 1/2" with 1/2 gph drip emitters, 1 for each plant. The rocks don't seem very damp, so I am wondering if they are not getting enough flow. The plants looked very dry, but I also had an electrical issue that caused the pump to stop earlier today. What does everyone else use on their drip systems, straight tubing, or drip emitters?

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