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Default Follow up and questions

Thanks for the advice Stan. I think I’ll go with strawberries for the rail system, some of the herbs and spices I grew became enormous, overwhelming other plants. On the perlite, I had it spread out on a sheet drying in the sun for over a month and when re-filling buckets I did remove roots and pine needles. I also “re-claimed” what hydroton there was.

On starting seeds, I’ve tried 2 different techniques, and in each instance I have pre-soaked the cubes in 6.0 ph water (no fertilizer) for 1 or 2 hours. On my 1st. try I placed 3 or 4 seeds ~ ¼” down and gently closed the hole. On 2nd. Attempt, I “dug out” a ¼” round hole, ¼” deep in the cube the placed some Vermiculite in the hole, inserted 3 or 4 seeds, then covered with vermiculite. In both instances I then place them in the humididome (sic?) – (see pics) and check them daily to insure they’re moist. Then I patiently wait the 10 to 14 days the seed pack says, but give up after about 15 days. I’ll try the paper towel method next.

On the rail system, the rails are level and the drain tube is about 1/8” up inside the rail (see pic). There’s little or no standing water between spray intervals. The roots seem to have done really well, and they were massive when I pulled them out. I did completely clean out the rails and drains, removing end caps, snaking drainpipes and checking/testing sprayers. Lastly, the Pepper and Brussel Sprout seeds should be here Friday and I ordered the Verti-Gro FCombo pack today. Last question, do you think I could put more then 1 Brussel sprout plant in a single Dutch bucket seeing they’re getting all the nutrients/water at regular intervals? Thanks again, Gar
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