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Default Touching base and update(s)

Hey Stan, I’ve been a little remiss on keeping the blog updated, apologize for that. Needless to say there’s been a lot going on (damn Covid!)…. Anyway, back in early October I started new batch of tomato seeds, two types of beef steak and a cherry tomato. Also started green peppers and I’m experimenting with brussel sprouts. After my usual several attempts starting from seed, finally got some tomatoes going, moving them to Dutch buckets November 3rd. I moved a single green pepper and 2 brussel sprouts to Dutch buckets about a month later. The tomatoes struggled, mainly due to several unusually cold nights, my heating system struggled to keep them at least in the 40’s. One night the green house went to 39 after a heater somehow came unplugged. I think the heated reservoirs is what saved them. Regardless, they grew a little odd and deformed, but now are really going and have good size (still green) tomatoes. And weather wise, I think we’re out of the woods. From the pictures you can see the beef steak tomatoes aren’t quite what they were last summer-fall season, though the Cherry is producing like crazy – several “harvests” since early February. I experimented putting 2 brussel sprouts in 1 Dutch bucket, never expected what you see in the pic, we’ll see what happens…. I am going with mainly lettuce on the rail system, here again MANY frustrating failed seedling attempts, though I think figured out what I was doing wrong (and not doing). I’m (attempting) to grow Black Seed and Butter Crunch lettuce, supposedly “Ideal” for aeroponics. If all the lettuce seedings continue to survive, I should have 9 plants. I want to do more in the rail system, maybe even “cheat” and buy some nursery plants, rinse the roots and put them in netcups with hydroton – your thoughts? Any suggestion on veggies suitable for rail system? Still thinking about doing strawberries – do you have a source you use? So…. In summary I have the Dutch buckets going, cloner going, rail system going and seedling tray going – and hoping for the best. Thanks and stay in touch!
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