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Default Follow up on update...

Stan, Thanks for the quick response. The wife and I already got both our Covid shots, the Pfizer version (the one we could get the soonest). We have a lot of family visiting from cold snowy Michigan between now and end of May, (five of them college students!) and we wanted to be as ready as possible.

On the lettuce, we have one more night possibly going to 39, Ill cover green house and heat. Weathers been VERY strange, mid 80s for days then 1 day out of the blue in the 30s overnight, and then back to 80s. Even our weather guy says hes never seen anything like it. Were in the 80s while Michigan is in low teens largest temperature difference Ive ever seen since Ive lived in Florida - crazy!

Im going to start looking for strawberry plants locally (Lowes, Home Depot) but I doubt theyre available yet. Do you know of an on-line source for strawberry plants starting to bear fruit? I know theyll kill me on shipping but itd be worth it to get started.

On the runners, you mention small pots with soil. Can you suggest an ideal pot size and soil type (I.E. Vermiculite? Potting soil?). I can easily fabricate a shelf for the pots to sit on under the rail(s).

Thanks, Gary PS Threw in a few more pics; Brussels sprouts, Green Pepper and the greenhouse
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