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Any small size pot like the size of a small net pot with any type "moist" soil. You are only going to use them to start rooting in soil. Once they have roots you can either transfer them to the hydroponic rail or to a larger pot with soil that can hold them for a year or more. The large size all depends on how many runners take root. I've had like 10 plants in a pot you would use for Elephant Ears and they produced lots of strawberries without ever having to do anything but water them every other day during the summer months.

As for lettuce they will grow in very cold climate as long as they are being grown in a greenhouse. Here's 2 different lettuce plants I have been growing outdoors this winter in old 5 gallon buckets made into an earth box. I use the same cattle fencing I use to make tomato cages and cover it using clear plastic. We've had mostly 30 - 40 degree temps but have had a few in the lower 20's and the plants are doing fine.
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