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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
I am not positive if they called it "InterLibrary Loan Service" but I think it was. Basically I asked at the desk if they had the book, they didn't. But she said if I filled in a form they could get from another library in there system if they had it (and it can take up to 2 weeks just to locate it). So I then went over to the collage library and asked them. Of coarse they didn't have a copy either, but I talked to the lady in charge of getting books from other library's, I gave here the information on the book (title and author). I found out the county library already tried getting it from the collage library, so I'm guessing they use the same system for getting books from other library's.

Then I got a call about 2 weeks later saying that they could only find one copy, and it was across the country. I don't remember the exact conversation but if I remember correctly the reasoning was because in order to insure its return there was a deposit required, and/or it would likely cost more to ship than the book was worth. The deposit witch If I remember correctly is the replacement cost of the book (in case I didn't to return it). If I could afford that I could buy the book, witch is what I want to do anyway so I would have time to read it (considering my reading problems). Also I asked if I would be able to renew it. I'm not sure if that caused them to wonder if I would even return it, or if that's a common problem. But I think that was there concern. At that point I just gave up and just figured I would need to wait until I could scrounge up the $60 to buy it.
I can't tell by your answer if it was the college library that told you it required a deposit or if it was your local county library.

I've requested literally dozens of books from the county library and never has the subject of a deposit came up.

They simply order it from where they find it and it comes in and I read it.

I usually have three weeks to read it before the due date.

Which library told you they would have to have a deposit?
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