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Ya, I have always been curious about how things work. Even as far back as 7'th grade I would go dumpster diving at the apartments next door (they had about 2000 apartments). Always looking for anything interesting I could take apart to see how it worked, also looking for things I could use the working parts for something else. I found a lot of playboys, hehe. They did some remolding from time to time, and one time they through out hundreds of phones. That seems trivial now, but that type of thing was a gold mind to me then. I also scavenged local construction sites, looking for any discarded materials that I thought I might be able to use. Always found good stuff but getting it home was another story.

Once I found two bench vices, not big ones (about 10 pounds each), but I positioned them on my bench about 1 foot apart and lined them up so they would clamp down in tandem. Both of them together held up an extraordinary amount of weight, even when hitting on end of a half shaft that was clamped down with a sledge hammer. The vices wouldn't budge but the table shook. They lasted all the way until we moved out of that house and I couldn't take the table with me. I could have gotten some really good stuff (tools extension cords generators etc.) one time when the school was having asbestos removed. They had to leave doors open for ventilation and we walked all through it (even the asbestos shower station, and school auditorium stage) in the middle of the night. But that would have been steeling, and just not my style. We were just happy to drink beer and hang out there without getting busted.

Anyhow, it looks like you have some good space to work with. And I look forward to seeing the progress (take lots of pictures). I'm not sure how large the limbs are that come down, or how often it happens. But I'm wondering if netting stretched between tree trunks would be useful. For large heavy branches that would not be very useful, but medium to small branches might work. I am also thinking that building a lean-to type structure above the green house, will be able to deflect even heavy branches. Not necessarily built solid but with close enough ribs so the branches would be deflected instead of falling through. Naturally a lean-to type structure could block light. (even with a not solid roof). But it could be built in a way that it would be easily and quickly moved, and only put in place during storms. Same goes for any structure that would be able to block the falling branches from hitting the greenhouses.

Of course anything like that built to be effective would not be cheep, but considering what the cost would be to replace what is underneath, not to mention the time that was invested in the systems and plants. It may be good insurance. Also simply talking to a local tree timing company, and having them inspect the branches for things like cracks or pest damage. Then having them cut down the limbs before they fall in the first place may be a better option. I'm not familiar with your weather, but those are just a few things I can think off the top of my head. I do know that Florida gets hurricanes but well, that's another thing all together.
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