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Thanks for all of your encouragement, folks.

I've wanted to build a hydroponic farm for so many years that it seems like a life time. It's going to be a blast.

GpsFrontier, there will be too much area to cover with a lean-to structure, but the netting is a good idea. Most of my trees are 150+ feet tall and well branched. A tree company would charge me and arm-and-a-leg to trim them up. I try to keep them trimmed as much as I can with the string-and-rope trick, but I can't get to the very high ones. I'll have to let nature take it's course with the bad storms.

Thank goodness the Plexiglas panels are cheap. I'm going to build the framing for the panels with some limb-stopping strength. Hopefully, only the very largest limbs will make it to the equipment below.

I plan on buying an open piece of ground after a few years and moving my farming to it. All it takes is money...hehe
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