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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
Do you have a link to the Plexiglas panels you are going to use? I have seen some at Home Depot but don't remember them as being cheep considering how many I would need for what I have planed.
Because of the annual damage I'll likely receive each storm season, I've planned on using a system of 2'x3' grid of openings on the roofs that will allow me to cut each of these panels into 3 panes and install into the roof with a quick fasten system for installation like some snap clips to hold the trim.

It doesn't matter if isn't perfectly air tight or even absolutely water tight. All the lumber will be pressure treated and I'll be able to pop panels in and out in minutes if a branch happens to take one out all together or even partially.

I know "Plexiglas" is a brand name, but I kinda use it as a catch-all word meaning "Clear Plastic Type Panel".

Plexiglas or Hurricane Panels are 2 to 3 times that cost.

I plan on using gutters on the roofs to collect the rain water for use in the daily reservoir refills. I'll have it flow to storage barrels which will be plumbed in turn into the reservoirs and mixing tanks.

Another trick I learned from Dr. Resh. That system will take part of the load off from the water well and also extend the life of the pumps on the wells and less electric use.

I'll use a gravity filtering system for the rain water to take out any contaminants it collects on it's fall to earth.

It's a win-win to use rain gutter collection on a hydroponic farm.

Just did the math for the roof. I'll need 20, 2'x12' panels for each side of the 10' peaked roof with a 20' x 40' base 5' tall. It would cost me about $7 per/panel with 60 panels per/side.

That's $840 for the initial installation. Just for the panels.

The rest will be screened in. I may get by with about $2,000 for the building.

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