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Thanks for the link. That is about what I was looking at at Home Depot. I don't know exactly now, but I remember them being between $10 and $15 ea. I haven't tried to figure out exactly how many I would need, but I'm sure it will be well over 50. Even that would run over $650, not to mention the frame and connecting them to it.

I need to take the panels down during the summer because it would get too hot inside. Sitting in direct sunlight all day, in temperatures of over 120 degrees would require a lot of electricity to cool down. So I just cant justify spending between 1 and 2 grand to build a greenhouse that will only be effective for me during winter. That's more than the hydroponic systems will cost, even if I cant find a cheaper alternative to the square tubing I need for the setup I have planed.

I can cover the greenhouse frame for about $300 with shade cloth. That will help protect from direct sunlight during summer. But it does allow air flow. Evaporative coolers are common in greenhouse operations, but still need fresh air to work. So the air flow through the shade cloth would be a benefit to using evaporative coolers (swamp coolers). The evaporative coolers are easy to build also. I think I mentioned that I'm also going to look into using a cooling misting system as well (like patio misting systems). It would need to be a high pressure system to get the most efficiency in cooling and less water usage from it. But I think if I plan it out well it would be effective.

During winter, I'm planing to put up rolled plastic sheeting over the framing structure. But I'm worried about durability, winds can cause rips and tears. It wont need to cover it all the way. Just enough to keep it warmer inside. I plan to use some propane heaters inside as well. Although I will be building the burners myself. That's because I want to maximize it's efficacy, and make sure it can handle the winds without going out. As well as safety issues like staying in place. But propane should burn clean and add co2 to the plants growing environment.

Although for the peppers, I may still use the plexiglas pannels during winter because that green house will be smaller and needs to be warmer. So I will want it more air tight. I need to get some figures together to be able to make that decision. I cant build anything permanent in the backyard or my mom wont let me use the space. So I need to do it in a way I can disassemble, and move it if necessary.

P.S. Just thought I would mention that I am planing to use blue bottle fly's for pollination during winter. They can handle cold weather much better than bees. Also I'm allergic to bee stings, so I'm not really wanting to tempt fate. They will fly away, where bees will return to the flowers. But in a mostly enclosed space, they cant fly away easily. Also I plan to learn how to breed them (to keep cost down). But during summer I will probably plant some flowers to draw bees in (the shade cloth will have openings then).
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