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For an idea of possible production levels of produce in a hydroponic greenhouse, take a look at this page:

Hydroponic Greenhouse Construction & Consulting: 10,000 Pound per Month Greenhouse

In my 800 square foot greenhouse, I should be able to produce up to 4,500pounds of produce per/month and I'll also have some vertical potato and onion grow bins on the ends.

The vertical grow bins are basically a 4 foot square of inter-spaced 1"x4" boards with hinges holding them together. You plant the seed potato and onions between the slats and the thing looks like a giant bush while they grow. When ready to harvest, you simply drop the sides down and kick it loose. You have 80 square feet of growing area in a 16 sq ft footprint.

I may build a separate greenhouse for them. It can be all screen just to keep the bugs off the plants. The box itself is filled with straw and dirt and fed via drip from all five growing sides. This method puts out an incredible amount of potatoes and onions in little area.

My center-line produce in the area with the 10' peak, I'll have tomatoes and trellis produce like eggplant and squash. I have a couple smaller varieties I tried out this year and had great success with.

In the area along the sides with only 5' of height, I'll plant my leafy greens.

I have a method of NFT that utilizes a "swinging" pipe that can be moved a couple feet over while harvesting, so that will aid me in picking produce each day.

The farmers market is only open on Saturday and Sunday, so I'll pack the weeks produce in bins until the weekend.

I plan on using the same bins for harvesting, storing and selling the produce, so that will take some of the "hands-on" work out of the equation.
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