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Ya, it gets hot here in the mojave desert. Shoot we had a couple of days last week that almost reached 90 (and that was Halloween). Though the one good thing is we don't have much humidity at all. The digital thermometer lowest level is 20, the only time any humidity ever registers is when it rains. Sounds like you have some interesting setup designs planed, I look forward to the pictures. That looks like a interesting link, I don't have tome to check it out now but I bookmarked it.

Using the flies looks like a good method. In cup quantities, have you researched how many cups of pupae would be needed per/area of sq ft? I saw no mention of what quantity to use on their page.
I have tried, but it seems to be one of those trial and error things. I have even called them asking that question, but they basically say that's up to me. Mainly because of all the variables like the type of crop, whether your using them in open air or in a screened in location etc.. I haven't found much research on them, I had more links but either lost them or just forget where I filed them. But here's one that I do still have,

Proving Their Prowess—Insects Help Preserve Germplasm Collection

Also I have only found one other distributor for them (so far)
Mantis Place - Where Mantis and Bug Supplies Hang Out! - Feeder Insects
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