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Default Modular progress...

Originally Posted by NorEastFla View Post
Whew! That title was a mouthful! haha

I'm going a different direction.

My whole life, I've wanted to create a hydroponic garden that is modular and able to be built by a putting a *kit* together and run by a normal family or even a single family member.

2011 is going to be an exciting year for me.

Well there you have it. You all know now what I'll be doing in 2011.

Hello NorEastFla!

I just saw this thread and am curious how you are progressing. I love the idea. I have been entertaining ideas similar to yours for a few years now and couldn't believe when I read that somebody else is already 'on the job'.

A few years ago I read about a wealthy investor(I think I read it in National Geographic) that wanted to give out loans, possibly grants, to innovative entrepreneurs that were looking to involve world wide philanthropy in their business model.

I have 16 years of Hydroponic experience and that was where my mind went to after reading about the investor. I have just moved to New York City to join my brother in work. We are starting a business that offers delivery, installation & maintenance of hydroponic systems.

We aim to appeal to architects & landlords, families, schools, senior centers,
and hotels. We are getting into this because we don't see anyone else doing it yet. My brother has the money making mind.

I have been a teacher and Nutrition Director/chef at two different schools out in Colorado over the years, and unlike my brother, I am mostly interested in the educational aspects/community building that could come from getting more Urban Gardening in inner cities.

Now I have recently made a new friend who just moved up to NY from Florida. She mentioned my idea of farm lockers(almost like a community garden, but with individual units under 1 roof) to an investor friend of hers, and now we are working up feasibility studies.

Apparently there are many strip malls/grocery stores going vacant in their part of Florida, and thought it would great use of the spaces available.

Thanks for your time, I just felt like making contact with you to cheer your efforts on!
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