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Originally Posted by GpsFrontier View Post
I want to do a system similar to your bato bucket setup with 2-3 different level rows of all types of peppers. I'm not really sure how the pulleys help though. Seems like if you lowered the plants it would damage them,
Hey GPS,

For pepper plants they are just static lines. As you mentioned, pepper plant stems are way to brittle to be lowered effectively. Though I hear you can if you do it really slowly...(inch a week?). I don't think it is actually necessary to lower peppers.

Tomatoes on the other hand grow much longer, are rather flexible, and last year I didn't have room for 10-14 foot tall plants ...and only approx. 5 feet of the top of the tomato is in "production" at any time, from what I have read.

FYI, the Bato buckets are pretty dang cheap too...Bato Bucket with 2 Elbows, Each [BAT0001|Each] - $6.50 : Hydroponic Supplies and Greenhouse Equipment for the Professional Grower, by CropKing Inc.

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