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It seem's my new flower's are not being flower's but i'm just getting the outside green shell forming, i've taken some picture's to show you what i'm talking about.

And let me know if i'm just being impatient you won't hurt my feelings. It was a week ago today that i changed nutes and moved everything outside. I'm just in that depressed state cause things are not producing and i'm dieing to taste a hydroponic grown tomato that i've grown.

I've also included a picture showing what my new leave's are doing, they are browning at the tip's. And i noticed that i even had a real small flower brown and i guess die before it really got going.

Trying to keep PH between 5.5 and 6.5, seem's to be going up a lot. Think i was reading your's was doing the same thing Freshwater so i'm assuming that part is ok. Unless i'm not getting the PH lowered fast enough and that's causing a problem.

My PPM/EC tends to hang around 1200/2.4ish and goes up real slowly. So i'm not to concerned there.

I've started watering my plant's for 15min every 1hr, i can't water less then 15min cause that's how my timer is set. Thinking i might have been over watering my plant's.
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