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Originally Posted by T'Mater View Post
Well the water softner that i use, i use Potassium instead of Sodium, with my health i have to be as sodium free as i can be. Looks like i'll be buying some water then.

Where did you get your RO unit at Freshwater? Got any pic's of your set up? Mine is kind of a pain in the neck cause it's attached to the kitchen sink so i have to bucket it one at a time.
No idea about using potassium, any way to bypass the softener and just get straight tap? Does it need to be de-chlorinated first?

I have a little G.E. Profile R.O. mounted under my NFT system. I only used the filtration unit, no storage tank, spout, or hardware. I take the output line and put it into my res. and turn on the hose bib. I fill my household drinking water 5 gallon glass bottles with it too. One of these days I will get my water storage system up and running (= money).

Being in the trades I got it from a buddy's job-site, freebie/trade. Not sure if I would have ponied up 280 for it. Look around, sometimes you can find them on Craigslist and ebay. But I gotta say, even at that price it's cheaper, and easier in the long run, when you start going through 40-50 gallons a week.

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