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What i did with my plant's is put them in the 6x6 cubes and they fit 2 in the bucket's perfectly IMO, diagonal. Then i filled the rest of the bucket with the hail.

Ya when they were laying on the grown the block's were solid so to speak, had plenty of root mass through out the blocks, matter of fact several of the plant's had grown into each other's block. And then most of the plant's had started going through the little hail cubes. Seem's they get plenty of air movement through them.

Well it was sitting in my driveway. So what i did was take my 2 home built steel saw horses and strapped it to those. Also attached multiple cynder blocks to both the house and the saw horses. Would take a tornado to move it now.

Tomorrow i'll get some pic's taken of the set up. Might even pull a plant out so you can see what the root's look like.
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