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Default 275 gal totes

So I have been looking for some used 275 gal totes to start some aquaponics and right down the street from me are 2 sitting out with a sign that say $75 and a phone number. I talked to my husband and we decided to try and get one to start with eventhough it is a really good price. I called the guy and asked what was in it and he replies roundup. So I was like, that is not going to work for me because I want to use it for aquaponics and this old guy says "come again". So I try to explain over the phone what that is and what hydroponics is and the man thinks I have lost it. Anyway he says that he has cleaned them out and they are clean with no residue because it dosen't smell like roundup anymore. AND anyway if there was some, It wouldn't be enough to hurt my plants or fish and I can always wash it out some more. I told him I would call him back, I was just too tired to explain anymore.

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