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Ya, I get that type of thing all the time. It seems that 90% of the population dosen't know what hydroponics is, or thinks the only crop you can grow that way is pot. I will be looking for 3 of those water storage containers in about a month myself. I just got good news today. My mom wanted me to go to the bank to see about a SBA loan to see about getting the start up money for my hydroponic herb farm, even though there is no way I could ever get a loan (bad credit, don't ask, long, long, long story, just trust me). But after talking to them anyway, we decided opening a business "credit card" would get me the line of credit I need, and be much easier on the red tape. So my mom decided she's going to open the business credit card with me on the account. So I should have access to the money soon, possibly even be able to get started in just a few weeks.

Each level of the herb farm hydroponic system is going to have it's own 250+ gallon in-ground reservoir. I just hope I'll be able to find 3 of them locally when I have the money (otherwise shipping would be more than the containers). There were 3 in Kingman (1 1/2 hour drive away) for $150 ea a month ago. I will need to hit up some local business that use them to see if they have used ones their willing to sell.

Whats the dimensions on that? 275 divided by 7.48 (gallons per cubic foot) =36.76 cubic feet. Seems to work out to about 3 feet by 4 feet. .
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