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that is an interesting idea. I did have another thought to get around RO and other filter types in a larger scale though.. and GPS is in the perfect position to do it.. He could set up an array of solar stills to feed water into. with a small res (with a float valve, fed to tap) you could have it set so the floaot keeps a small layer of water int he solar stills and then have the water feed into your holding tanks. GPS could easily get many gallons a day from a small still with the heat he has. The catcher is land space to mat the result (probably about the same as the greenhouse they would supply). Though it would be an easy thing to test since you could run a test on a single still. (these can be made at home for about $20 or less, so are dirt cheap and never break as there are no moving parts. Worst case the wood rots a little if it wasn't sealed.)

They are real simple designs and would be a powerless system to get distilled water to add your nuts to. That would make using an RO system a suppliment should your solar still fall a little short or if you need to change a res early.

I don't know how much land availability GPS will have to work the systems but an array of these on the south side of the green house would easily soke up enough solar heat to get the water evaporating fast to give him a large supply of clean water.. His ambient temp isnt much below boiling in the first place so using a black background with water running over it in the heat would be easy to get to a boil lol

If you need info on my design let me know and I will draw up a solar still design for you. They are easy to find in a way, but sometimes a bit difficult depending on the attitude of the search engines.

I would think making one and testing it would give him an idea of how well it would work for him. Also the angle of the glass will make a little difference as well, but that can be something he tinkers with along the way. perhaps even making one with a flexible skirt around the glass (it can be anything mostly clear to let the light shine on the black base) to let him adjust the pitch of it every day till he finds the pitch that gives best yield for that season.

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