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Ya, there are other company's that create custom blends as well. I'll be talking to them in the future. But for now as far as commercial operations go, I'll be very small scale. The water filtration system I plan will cost less than half the price of the Merlin RO system, and work without wasting water or having low water flow. It will only take about an hour, or hour and half to fill each reservoir/system. I'll probably change the first filter every month ($8-$9), and the others every 2 to 3 months ($10-$15 ea).

Solar stills are an interesting idea, but I just don't have that kind of space. Not to mention I would need a large (1,500 gallon) water storage tank to accumulate and store the water in, before I need it. Even if I had the land, I would much rather use the space for hydro systems and greenhouses to grow crops, rather than water collection and storage. Not to mention unless it was an air tight, I would still want to filter it anyway in order to get airborne problems out before use.
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