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Hey guy's, i was kind of going back through and rereading all the info you guy's have given me.

I noticed it seem's like your EC's go down over time as the tank water is getting used up???

I'm asking this cause my nutrient tank doesn't seem to be going down water wise, but my EC is going up greatly. Does that mean i'm needing to flush my system or do i have other problems. Might be why my tomatoes are not getting very big.

Basically my water usage doesn't seem to be all that great. I orig. thought it was cause i was using a 27gal nute tank. I finally was able to get a 45gal nute tank but the EC come's up a lot faster then the water is going down.

I tend to start out with around a 900ppm, as the water lower's it start's to go up, and it seems like the ppm goes up faster then the water is going down.

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