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Not sure what happend now. Didn't think my plants went that long with out the right PH balanced water but something is up. It looks like they are done tho. I can't keep the PH down, seem's like even after a fresh batch of water with the right kind of PH water. I checked and dropped the PH down to 5.50 like almost perfectly. Even checked it with the drops and it was in the right color area. Came home from a soccer game and it's ran 2x's while i was gone and the PH was back up to over 7.50 and checked with the drops and it fit the shade to somewhat patch the reader.

THere is something going on with the water, when i woke up it had this foamy looking white gunk on top. And i know it couldn't be any soap left over cause i did a flush like you were talking about GSP 2 day's ago. THen i ran 2x 27gal container's through the system.

THink my tomato plant's finally had enough LOL. Def. wanna thank you all for your input's and can't wait to start over. This time i have a much better idea as to what i need to be doing...
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