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I did find out why my PH just went up so quick, i didn't give it time to flush through the system and flush out the high PH water in the Bato bucket's(they have a decent amount of storage at the bottom of them) Soooooo maybe if i'm lucky here they'll come back to me if not i'll chalk it up to one hell of a learning experience.
I had a feeling it was mostly related to water volume, and/or the flushing process. Not to mention the change from adding the daily water that wasn't pH adjusted first. That's why I suggested taking accurate notes and readings, and precisely logging them. I figured that would be the best way to show it through patterns if it was. I know you didn't have time to do that before the other problem with something in the water, but I guessing somehow you made a connection to the residual water in your system and the flushing process (or actually lack of flushing it out completely). That's also why early on I was asking about the total water volume, not just the reservoir, but also how much the buckets hold. I just had a feeling it wasn't getting flushed out completely. That also means that the build up of mineral salts in your growing medium never actually got flushed out thoroughly either.

I attached a few of pictures of the mineral salt buildup on my past growing mediums. The first ones are of the build up on some coco chips, the others are the build up on some grow rocks after a grow, and how clean they came out after I cleaned them by soaking them in a white vinegar solution for a few days.
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