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well i took one of the plant's in there 6x6 and pulled it up. That's how i PH tested the water. And while i was in there i was looking for any salt build up and wasn't seeing anything close to that.

When i flushed i was great about ending the flush and making sure the PH and EC/PPM was equaled with the water in the tank to the water coming out of the drain before i would stop flushing in hopes i was getting as much junk out of the container's.

BUT what i wasn't doing was after i would start a new tank i wasn't circulating the system near long enough(not thinking about the little holding) to get the PH and EC/PPM and learn that's for sure.

How funny that i would remember the holding area's in the Bato bucket's when flushing but not when i would add the new nutes and adjusting the PH.
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